At some point in your travels, you will be in a fight. This page describes how combat results are calculated for melee (hand to hand) & ranged combat. They share some common elements but we will cover melee combat first, as it is computationally simpler. Examples will be given.

To hit (HIT) – This is the minimum score to roll in order “to hit” an opponent. It represents the ease of hitting an unresisting target within optimal range of the equipped weapon. Simply stated, the lower the HIT score, the easier a target is to hit. Naturally, if a target moves, it will have a higher HIT score.


Effective Armor Rating (EAR) – This is a number closely related to HIT. This number varies every round depending on a variety of factors, such as distance to target, size, equipped weapon, character skill, etc. For a visible, unarmored target within arms reach of the attacker, EAR & HIT are equal. However, most of the time, targets will not be so cooperative, and the EAR may be substantially higher. The success of an attack depends on if it exceeds HIT, EAR or both.


Damage (DMG) – This is an estimate of how much damage an attack will cause when it connects with a target. Damage is computed using the type of weapon equipped, range to target, as well as character stats and skills.


Anachronia is different than most RPGs in that ranged combat is designed to be as deadly as melee combat. I think this is reasonable since most advances in military technology have been along the lines of attacking from as far away as possible. However, the limits are also the same. Ranged combat is only possible as long as one has ammo and mobility.
For a moving target of a ranged, non-magical attack, HIT is added to EAR. An attack roll of less than or equal to HIT (alone) is a miss, more than HIT but less than or equal to the sum of HIT & EAR is a qualified hit. (ie. subject to damage reduction) An attack roll of more than the sum HIT & EAR results in full damage.

Range (RNG) – This is a number representing the distance from attacker to target. For melee attacks, range must be 0 to be successful. For pole-arms, range must be exactly 1. For ranged attacks, it must be 1 – 9. This number has no exact units but is intended to resemble a base-10 exponential curve. 0 is within touching distance (not including length of weapon), 9 the limit of sight on Anachronia. On a clear day, this is about 10 km. (Anachronia tends to be foggy or dusty.) In Anachronian history, the farthest anyone has ever been known to shoot an arrow is about 1km. This would be an 8 and only massed volleys could be expected to have any effect on an enemy at this range. Between 7 & 6 (100m – 10m) would be a practical range for single bowmen.

Speed (SPD) – An estimate of the speed of a moving target, relative to the attacker. This number has no exact units but is intended to resemble an exponential curve. 0 is stationary, 9 is extremely fast, nearly invisible, such as a tracer bullet. Using 300 m/s as a maximum, an fast sprint (Olympian!) would be a 8, a brisk walk a 7.

Bearing (BRN) – The approximate angle of intersection of two vectors, one is the projectile path, the other the target’s path. If there is no intersection, the shot will miss. A shot directly at an approaching or fleeing target has a BRN of 0. Since these are the easiest shots to make, it follows that a non-zero BRN increases the difficulty of making the shot.


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