A path is a character’s vocation, or how they get by. Anachronian society isn’t structured like old Earther society – few people have permanent jobs done at the behest of an employer. Instead, people tend to do what they were taught by their families, clans or learned by themselves.

A path represents the character’s interests, knowledge, and abilities. Characters can switch paths any time they level.

Should I switch?
Switching paths may or may not be advisable depending on the character’s current path, level & attributes. Switching paths is most likely to be of benefit when the path you were on shares some similarities with the new path. Since more attribute points & skills are available at lower levels, it is generally better to switch paths early so that any shortfalls can be remedied quickly. That being said, some paths definitely can & maybe even should be mixed. Mixing rogue levels with any melee path may increase damage output. Or mixing rogue with artifex would give significant advantages to acquiring materials & trade contacts. As a rule of thumb, plan to have at least 5 levels in a given path to obtain lasting benefit. Again, the earlier these levels are taken, the more “oomph” it will have.

The paths are listed below. As a rule of thumb, the closer any two paths are to each other on the list, the more compatible they are with each other. (Warrior/Witch would be a bad combo, Rogue/Artifex very good.)

WarriorA disciplined fighter skilled with many weapons & fighting techniques.
BarbarianWhat this killer lacks in discipline or skill, he makes up for in bloodthirstiness.
RangerA versatile, self-reliant adventurer.
MonkA disciplined, stalwart scrapper.
RogueA slippery, scheming thug.
SageAn erudite scholar who prizes knowledge most of all.
ArtifexA skilled craftsman & engineer.
DruidA tree-hugging, carnage-dispensing maniac.
ShamanA capable caster – with a few eccentricities.
WitchA caster specializing in curses & enchantments.


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