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Anachronia – Anecdotal information on geography & history. In-character stories go here.
Playing Anachronia – Tips & tutorials on getting started.
NPCs – A list of non-player characters that may be encountered.
Help Wanted – Areas of the game or wiki that could use some loving attention.
Zones – Field guides to the Zones.
Tech – Overviews of various states of technology & implications for characters.
Society – Overview of various social customs that may impact characters.


The standard races of fantasy role playing games will not be implemented. I have nothing against dwarves, elves, goblins, etc. It’s just that I’m tired of always thinking about them the same way. Instead, all physical characteristics, such as skin & hair color, height, gender, even birth place, almost anything real people CANNOT choose, CAN be chosen for your character. Some of these choices will affect attributes & starter skills available. In other words, if you like playing dwarves, you still can, but there is no dwarf “race”. You would just make a short, strong person of the desired gender, perhaps born in a particular locale, provide as much character description as you like, & voila, a dwarf!

Main Page

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