Any adult account holder may submit potential game or game related content in the form of art, stories, posts, comments provided that the work meets certain criteria. The submission(s) must be: (a) original, (b) created by the submitter, or is accompanied by a detailed written description of the work and permission to use same work from the creator, and ( c) unrestricted by any contradictory license, statute, law or limitation on use or distribution on the Anachronia site or affiliate sites.

Any such submissions are voluntary, uncompensated, and are subject to review and conditional acceptance and/or modification on technical and editorial grounds. By submitting content, the submitter acknowledges and agrees that any claims for payment, royalties or compensation of any kind, by ALL parties, are permanently waived.

Each form of content may have separate guidelines and policies that determine the submission’s acceptance status, and these guidelines and policies are subject to change.

Previously submitted and accepted content may be removed without notice.
If a submission is declined or removed from Anachronia or the affiliated site(s) for any reason, any rights reserved by the Anachronia site or affiliates associated with the work(s) revert to the creator. Any rights not relevant to the submission’s use on Anachronia or affiliate sites are disclaimed.


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