Code of Conduct

Anachronia is intended to be a place for responsible adults to enjoy a multi-genre role playing game. Responsible enough to refrain from verbal abuse or threatening of other players or cyber-attacks on our servers, anyway. If you respect our property and persons, we can overlook your bad grammar and squicky sexy talk. Maybe even participate.

Anachronia must be for adults because I won’t have it watered down to the point no one fears troll rape anymore. Troll rape sucks. Trolls raping children is even worse. So, if you are old enough to be troll bait, game on!

Anyway, the lawyer types will probably want me to be more specific on what is not allowed.

Trolling, abusive or threatening posts or speech directed at a player or real world individual, group, or entity identifiable by vocation, tendency, or preference is NOT allowed.
Violent, vulgar and/or sexually explicit comments ARE conditionally allowed and displayed as long as the described or portrayed behavior ostensibly occurs between characters and remains unobjected to by any of the respective players controlling the characters.

Code of Conduct

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