Anachronia is an Earth-like planet discovered by the International Deep Space Observation Team in 124 years ago (2052). A decade later, faster than light travel was discovered & Anachronia was immediately nominated for reconnaissance by the first FTL probe. It took another 20 years for the probe to be perfected, launched & recovered. By that time, Earth was nearly unlivable & getting worse. The probe was designed to publicly transmit the data it had recorded. Three nations bankrupted themselves funding another probe, this one bearing a desperate plea for assistance. Another 20 years passed. A response was received: LOL. Then some unpleasant things were said amongst world leaders, World War IV happened, nearly everyone died, & those who didn’t probably wished they had. When they weren’t fighting coyotes for dinner, they would reminisce about how easier things had been during World War III. Wouldn’t you know it, that’s when the space people came around. They killed off most the males dumb enough to approach the ship, grabbed a few females (who hardly resisted, bless their hearts) & popped back into space. A week later, the females were dropped off at a different location, mad & pregnant as hell. It is hard to say what the local natives were thinking about when this happened but it sure wasn’t their own safety. Most were incinerated while rushing the ship. Those remaining were too few & weak to be good babysitters, so the space people flew around the world, picking up any humans strong enough to walk but too slow to escape. They plopped them down in a big ring of chain-link fence topped with barbed wire. This didn’t work either as the groups didn’t mix well, there were attacks. Eventually, the space people get fed up & kill off all but the pregnant women. No human males were spared, so the human race was done. They packed them up & shipped the ladies to a new home, Anachronia. That was one hundred & twenty years ago. There are no pure humans left, not even you & me. And from what I’ve seen, it’s better that way.


Anachronia spins on its own axis quite fast, an Anachronian day equals .6 Earth days. Anachronia’s orbit is nearly perfectly circular with minimal axial tilt, which results in minimal seasonal variation. An Anachronian year, ie. a trip around the sun, Alos, is slightly longer than an Earth year. Anachronia has two moons, Lyra & Katho. There is only one shallow sea, Lalys, that stretches around & between numerous lands. There is more water on Anachronia than on Earth, however, much of it is in vapor, making the atmosphere moister, warmer & denser than on Earth. This has had a number of consequences on climate & evolution in Anachronia. There are few deserts & permanent ice formations. However, storms are more violent & can last for days. Where it is cold enough to form hail, the hail-stones are large and deadly. For most of the planet, fog is ubiquitous, reducing visibility. In the best conditions, it is rarely possible to see more than a few kilometers. Sunburn is unheard of, but heat exhaustion is a distinct danger in most areas. Organisms tend to be larger & slower moving than on Earth. There are few predator species, yet many animals have elaborate defensive adaptations. Anachronian scientists believe this may indicate recent upheaval in the global ecosystem. One of the more controversial theories is that the planet has recently been used as a genetic laboratory.

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