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  • RP

    Role Playing, or RP, is one of the most exciting features of Anachronia. It is designed to allow players living in a mostly benign, fluorescent lit 9 am - 5 pm workaday world to temporarily become a sultry sorceress that can ignite men's loins (or face …

  • role playing

    Role playing is a specialized form of acting in which the player adopts a imaginary persona and lets it be shaped by the character's in game experiences and limitations. Developing or enforcing good role-playing techniques is beyond me and what I want …

  • role

    A role is a function that a character serves in a party such as [[tank]], [[DPS]], [[healer]], [[trapper]], or [[support]].

  • tank

    A tank is a character that intentionally attracts enemy attack in order to divert it from other party members.

  • DPS

    DPS is an acronym for damage-per-second. DPS is a secondary role where a character deals damage to an enemy otherwise occupied with the [[tank]].