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  • core

    Core game features are those that are always available and/or apply to every player, every character, every zone, modified by any character specific restrictions. This currently includes access to the wiki and uniformly applied game mechanics. [[Paths …

  • attributes

    All base attributes can range in value from 9 - 99. High values are always better than low values, but since initial attribute points are limited, it is often better to begin with a few great stats rather than several average stats. Some spell effects & …

  • Paths

    A path is a character's vocation, or how they get by. Anachronian society isn't structured like old Earther society - few people have permanent jobs done at the behest of an employer. Instead, people tend to do what they were taught by their families, …

  • role

    A role is a function that a character serves in a party such as [[tank]], [[DPS]], [[healer]], [[trapper]], or [[support]].