I have decided to move forward with development. For the forseeable future, my posts here will be mostly techno babble as I pull in info from here & other sources together into one bucket that will become Anachronia canon. Already have a significant amount of documentation moved over & accessible from within the game. The game is pretty much only help files at the moment, lulz.

I am using the open source MUSH engine called Evennia. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now & learning Python. Due to a Django issue that is beyond my ability to resolve, I will be working on porting the database content from MySQL to SQLLite3. Doesn’t look too bad.

I'm back

Wow, hard to believe it has been two years since updating. I haven’t forgot you, Anachronia! The new look of OP will take some getting used to.

I expect to have more time this year to resume working on fleshing out mechanics & the Anachronia client(s).

Working hard...

I have made significant advances on account & character creation pages. I am currently working on a way to build custom avatars using layered transparent images. Originally, I had wanted players to be able to upload their own pics but I think that will be too much of an administrative & possible legal burden to make sure no copyrighted art is used.

I have also fleshed out some mechanics of gameplay & will be developing scripts to test as I go.


I’m starting to think more in depth about the programming model & game mechanics of Anachronia. I want to spend as much time as possible in to making it a fascinating world with many opportunities for in-depth role playing. At the same time, I also want to keep it modular & expandable without frequent updates or developing a separate client app. yet. The back end of the game engine will be in one or more MySQL databases. My web development skills are beginner to intermediate so when not at work, drinking, or mapping, I intend to spend more time making the maps navigable. There will be several levels of detail for each map, with clickable links for each section that content exists for.


I just got Campaign Cartographer & will making use of it to create maps of the zones, towns & dungeons. I have uploaded a map of all of Anachronia. Each continent will have at least one zone. So far, the only zone that has been assigned a location is Wild West, located on the south eastern continent of Kartek.

Cool story, Bro.

So begins my attempt to start a multi-genre online role playing game for adults.

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