Welcome to Anachronia!

Anachronia is (ok, will be) a community built, inexpensive to play, adult oriented, persistent, online, turn based role playing game. These words mean different things to different people, so indulge me a moment before I define what exactly is meant by each term. Currently, Anachronia is only in the idea stage.

I am a grown man & still have trouble keeping my mind in this world we toil in. I still daydream about zombies, sorcerers, nymphomaniacs & scumbag mutants from outer space. Apparently, it can’t be helped, so I’m just gonna roll with it. Anachronia is intended to be the blessed union of most, if not all, of these characters & the concomitant mayhem. A mental playground where these oddities can all meet & optionally, exterminate (or procreate with) each other, and well, maybe you! Some, indeed, many of these daydreams are not work safe or mentionable around children. If you have similar inclinations, welcome!

Now I will clarify what is meant by “community built, inexpensive to play, adult oriented, persistent online role playing game”.

“Community built”

means that contributions in the form of ideas, comments, stories, & art posted on the wiki can be used in the game world provided that they meet certain requirements.

“Inexpensive to play”

means that no repetitive purchase or subscription model will be required to access the core game features. This is kind of nebulous & problematic at the moment, since the usual method of online age verification involves a credit card. It may not be possible to keep the game completely free without impairing quality. Nevertheless, it is a priority for me to keep costs low. Ideas on how to implement an optional premium system are welcome.

“Adult oriented”

can be a double edged sword. It means that there are few-er taboo topics & rules that would typically apply in all-ages game interactions & wiki discussions. However, in most parts of the world, adults are held to a higher standard of behavior than children.


means that many events & cycles in the game world will proceed even while users are logged out.


I hope this needs little elaboration. Early forms of Anachronia will likely be browser based. I also may develop a client app, should demand warrant it. Users can interact with each other in several ways such as tells, chat & in-game mail.

“Turn based”

I simply don’t have the resources to develop a real time MMORPG on the scale of WoW, DDO, etc. Nevertheless, I still think it would be fun to have a turn based game where adults can be saucy & free. Turn based means that each character has a limited time to react to events around him. A complete action is usually a turn but there are exceptions. In some areas, such as towns social areas, the notion of turns is relaxed or eliminated.

“Role playing game”

Characters in the world have certain, erm… characteristics, such as appearance & behaviors that shape the way they interact with the game & other characters. Some qualities will always affect game play in predictable ways, such as armor ratings or any character stat that can be quantified, derived or calculated. Others are only apparent to players and have no effect on game mechanics, such as mannerisms of speech or writing.

The still evolving game mechanics, guides, genres, characters, maps, ideas, stories, advice & art are available in the wiki.

Oh, yeah & take a look at the Code of Conduct!